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Arrange a presentation or workshop that will change the way families think about college planning! Great presentation for schools, organization sor family groups...CLICK HERE

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Knowledge resources provide links to websites that have been proven to help families with information regarding admission, financial aid and college tours...CLICK NOW!

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Knowledge College Planning


Welcome to Knowledge College Planning. Our mission is to deliver a clear and structured college plan strategy to all students and their family. It is our belief that being a life long learner is so important that we provide this service so all students can understand the method and have the belief that they can attend some form of college; it's our job to show them the way.


Recognizing the importance of preparing families for college planning. We have created a series of presentation, workshops and activities designed to teach graduation and college planning strategies that requires families to create personal profiles that they will use to compare to each college to determine eligibility. The goal is to assure that families have a clear understanding of their post-secondary options by the time their student reach their senior year.


Our vision every year is to reach and teach as many students as possible about creating a Vision,Purpose and Plan. So join Knowledge College Planning in meeting our yearly initiative "Project 5,000". 5,000 students in 10 months! To reach this goal:


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Knowledge Publications


Purchase a copy of the Don't Stress the Process: The College Plan book and use the strategies and activities to create a clear path toward college readiness!...CLICK HERE